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Spa Servcies

Restore Your Balance  

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Massage and Body Therapies

Therapies include your choice of Belizean coconut or cohune oil.  All natural Belizean cocoa butter $10.

Classic Relaxation

This gentle, full body massage with harmonizing, calming, and therapeutic Swedish techniques will lull your cosmos into tranquility.  Relax, unwind, enjoy.

60 min  $90          75 min  $110           90 min  $130


Deep Tissue Therapeutic

Deep and specific to your special needs, this massage works on your designated areas aiming to release patterns of pain and discomfort. This localized therapy is ideal for chronic pain, injury recovery due to repetitive use, sports related, accident related, or recovery from surgery and is for those wanting a focalized treatment.

60 min  $110          75 min  $135          90 min  $160



This massage is tailored to your wants and needs, uniting the above relaxing Swedish and therapeutic deep tissue movements with pressure points and passive stretching to homogenize your physical and mental being.

60 min  $100         75 min  $125          90 min  $150


 Hot Stones

A Hawaiian spiritual ritual, this full body massage is based on connectedness transmitted by loving hands and a loving heart.  Hot stone therapy is ancient and has been used throughout the world’s cultures by Shamans, medicine people, and spiritual leaders in healing ceremonies. We ask that love and light be sent to our clients as we assist in helping you to find inner “pu’uhonua”, a place of refuge, where you can let go of self-inflicted limitations and worries.

75 min  $125


 Body Treatments


These heavenly treatments stimulate circulation, detoxify, revitalize, exfoliate, and redeem your skin.  You’ll feel silky, supple, refreshed, nourished, and hydrated.  60 minute and longer treatments include an intoxicating facial massage while your skin is integrating with the benefits of our hand crafted ingredients.  Body treatments conclude with an application of delicious natural Belizean cocoa butter.


The Islander 

A  detoxifying, reconditioning full body wrap that contains a blend of Caribbean seaweeds, kelp, and muds that are healing, purifying, slimming, fortifying, and aid in cellular elimination.  Contraindicated for those with shellfish allergies.

60 min  $95



Calming Quencher

This hydrating, soothing, rich body wrap helps to restore and align the lipid barrier in your skin that is often depleted due to environmental pollution, stress, and exposure to the elements.  Custard apple, avocado, cucumber, honey, chamomile, milk, and banana reduce dryness and flakiness while improving skin clarity and elasticity.  It also rejuvenates, detoxifies, and tones.  Combined with aloe that hydrates and softens, and oats that sooth and smooth, these ingredients will restore your skin’s healthy balance.

60 min  $95


Tropical Delight

Inside the spa pantry are ingredients to give you and your skin the royal treatment.  This full body wrap is a blend of ingredients customized by you or your therapist, please choose up to 7.  After this wrap you’ll leave feeling exactly the way you want!

60 min  $110


Azucar Crudo Body Polish

Various sizes of raw Belizean brown and white sugars are used for this exfoliating full body polish.  Larger sugar granules slough off tougher skin while smaller granules refine and smooth.  Lemongrass, coconut, squalene, and cohune oil leave your skin silky and nourished.  This treatment is not recommended for sensitive or sunburned skin and excludes a cocoa butter application.

30 min  $60

Sea Salt Glow

Our mildest full body exfoliation uses all natural ingredients including a blend of sea, kosher, and other healing purifying salts, local honey, dried flowers, and herbs.

45 min  $75


Suave Skin

Papaya enzymes, coffee, and cinnamon are used in this medium exfoliating body wrap to release fascia and water retention that’s causing cellulite bumps, dull skin, and superficial dead cell build-up.  After the wrap you’ll be indulged with a gentle cocoa butter massage that’s designed to nourish, moisturize, and release retentions to yield uniformity of your softer, smoother skin.

90 min  $165



 A fantastic way to gain clarity and symmetry while pampering yourself and basking in serenity.  All facials are tailored to your skin and include a thorough cleansing of the face, neck, and décolletage, exfoliation, a restful relaxing massage, a masque and moisturizing.




Cleansing and detoxifying, this facial is best suited for oily skin.  Dead Sea mud will aid in absorbing impurities and excess sebum (oil), peppermint will cool and soothe irritation, and ginger will calm your skin, leaving you with a healthy and stabilized complexion.

60 min  $95



Elevating and refining, this facial will lift, tighten and tone your skin giving your complexion a brightening boost and leaving your skin supple, glowing, and vivacious.  All skin types may enjoy this rejuvenating facial so you will look great for a night out, special occasion or day at the beach.

60 min  $95


Anti Aging

Support your skins own renewal process and promote the formation of stronger collagen with this facial for aging or dry skin that’s filled with antioxidants.  All natural ingredients such as local honey, ginseng, custard apple, fresh aloe, cucumber, watermelon, green tea, milk and nourishing clays make your skin lustrous, silky, and younger looking.

60 min  $100



Soothing, restoring, calming, and quenching, this rich facial replenishes your skins lipid barrier that is often depleted due to environmental toxins, stress, and exposure to the elements.  Custard apple, avocado, honey, banana, cucumber, chamomile, and milk heal dry skin while improving elasticity.  This facial specifically aims to rejuvenate, restore, replenish, and improve clarity.  Combined with aloe, which hydrates and softens, and oats that soothe and smooth, this facial rectifies the skin leaving it healthy and nourished with a youthful dewy complexion.  Excellent for dry, aging, sensitive, or sunburned skin.

60 min  $95



Combine elements of the facials above for an extended treatment specialized for your skins needs. This facial is custom made to relieve your skin of its woes and enhance its beauty to give you an illuminated, radiant, refined complexion.  Starting with a gentle exfoliation that will slough off dead cells and debris, your skin can then drink up the nourishment of all that’s to come.

75 min  $125




Grooming Services


Head and Hair Treatments


Indian Head Massage  

This ancient massage is most effective when done in a series of three or more sessions.  However, one session will leave you on cloud 9. Each treatment will bring gradual improvement in sleep, calmness, headache reduction, more focus, better concentration, release of sinus pressure, and will also aid in stimulation of hair growth. Every 30 minute session is confined to the upper back, neck, face, and scalp and is done in a fully clothed, seated position.

1 session  $60      3+ sessions  $50each



Nourish and revive your hair and scalp during your Head Massage with the convergence of hair and scalp therapy.  $15



Avocado, banana, honey, custard apple, cucumber in Belizean coconut oil


Cucumber, watermelon, rosemary, vinegar in Belizean cohune oil


Cinnamon, ginger, peppermint, and citrus combined in Belizean cohune oil


Aloe, ginger, cucumber, milk, seaweed in Belizean coconut oil


Coconut or Cohune oil  $5


Manicure & Pedicure

Finger Food Manicure

Aloe, milk, honey and coconut oil offer hydrating therapy for your hands, feeding your fingers moisture and protein for healthy nail beds and good nail growth.  This manicure includes a hand massage with moisturizing Belizean cocoa butter, or healing coconut or cohune oil.     50 min  $55


“Toe” tally Pampered Pedicure

Your toes will know how much you love them… and so will your feet and legs! Sea salts, pumice, Belizean and essential oils offer a complete restorative treatment, while a foot massage eases your mind, leaving you feeling pampered.     60 min  $80



These treatments are offered as additional time and may be added to menu selections, however, they may not be done alone.


Make any of your treatments a delight to your olfactory system by adding essential oils.  Aromatherapy is an ancient healing practice that has been used over the centuries to treat the body, mind, and spirit.  Fragrances influence each of us differently so you’ll choose yours.  The oils are invigorating, uplifting, stimulating, detoxifying, therapeutic, soothing, or relaxing.     $10


Shiatsu Eye Lift

Using shiatsu pressure points, this therapeutic drainage massage releases tension, restores vitality, drains excess fluid, eases sinus pressure, and will intoxicate you with slumber.     40 min  $65



A perfect addition to your body treatment or facial, massage time can be added to your back, neck and scalp, or legs and feet.     15 min  $25


Mini Facial

Cleanse, tone, masque, & moisturize your face for a quick pick-me-up of your complexion. 35 min  $60



The removal of comodones, milia, and pustules (black heads, white heads, and pimples) utilizing a glycolic, papaya, or pineapple masque to exfoliate your skin and soften sebum. Not recommended for those that do not use broad spectrum sun block.  If you’re preparing for an event please schedule at least 1 day prior.

10 min masque + 10 min extractions  $30     Additional extraction time $1 per min